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Anatomia Publica

Sismograf Festival - Olot - SPAIN

20th April 2017 - 10 pm

Artistic direction : Tomeo Vergés
With : Julien Lacroix, Sébastien Laurent et Sandrine Maisonneuve
Stage management and lighting : Ondine Trager
Sound : François Tarot 
Costumes : Sophie Hampe
Anatomia publica isn’t about looking for what goes on inside the body, but rather what is brewing beneath the visible surface of our actions. Just as the scalpel cuts opens flesh to reveal the innards, deconstructing and decomposing body movement uncovers the layers that compose action.
Inspired by autobiographical details and by filmmaker Martin Arnold’s work on mechanical breakdowns, jolts and short-circuits, Anatomia publica is a piece that breaks down movement into its constituent parts. Dancers’ bodies enter into a state of jerky movement, a continuous flow of nervous spasms. They seem to be hysterical or obsessive-compulsive. They stutter and fidget, then suddenly freeze like statues.