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Creative team

Veronique Petit, Dramaturge
After obtaining a degree in Chinese, she enrolled in the theater programs at the University of Paris VIII (Claude Buchvald, Michelle Kokosowski) and also studied at the Ateliers des Quartiers d’Ivry under Philippe Adrien's direction.
In 1987 she created the Théâtre à Grande Vitesse, all of whose projects she wrote, directed and performed.
She lived in London for two years, where she met dance and “performing artists”, among others (Forced entertainement, for example).
From 1991 to 1993, she was Project Coordinator at the Place Theatre in London (Spring collection, SKITE).
As a performance artist, she and visual artist Marie-Noelle Deverre co-directed the piece, Je ferai un crochet pour vous voir (Festival Artonic 2003, la Ferté Bernard), Viivarium-Variations a performance behind glass (Festival Météor 2002, Bergen, Norvège; Festival Artonic 2003, la Ferté Bernard; Journées du Patrimoine 2001, Valenciennes). She collaborated with Dutch artist Karen Lancel on her project “Agorafobia” (Villette Numérique 2004) and, since September 2004, with percussionist Cyril Hernandez (Multiples de deux (2005) et Soli in Situ (2006-2007)). She has collaborated with Toméo Vergès since the piece Body Time (2006). 
In 2008 and 2009, she was in charge of dance programming at the Théâtre de l’Echangeur in Bagnolet. From 1995 to 1999, under the name Véronique Klein, she was dance and theater critic for the arts section of the magazine Les Inrockuptibles, and, since 2009, has written for the same section of the online daily Mediapart. She participated in the French edition of Rose Lee Goldberg’s book Performances (edited by Thames and Hudson), and co-wrote Panorama des arts du cirque aujourd’hui with Pierre Hivernat, (edited by Textuels, 2010). She was also a commentator for the show La Grande Table on France Culture Radio in 2010-2011.

Alvaro Morell, Dancer
After a three-year course of study at the Institut del Teatre - Escola Superior de Dansa de Barcelone, he danced from 1984 to 1986 at the Ballet Contemporain de Barcelona. From 1986 to 2004, he collaborated as a performer with choreographers Anne Dreyfus, Paco Decina, Jean Gaudin, Angelin Preljocaj, Hervé Robbe, Charles Cré-Ange, Michèle Rust, Christie Lehuédé, Dominique Jegou, and Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh and with directors Françoise Coupat and Michel Deutsch. As a dancer-choreographer, he collaborated with Jean Jourdheuil, Jean-François Peyret in Fantaisie Kafka (1993) and with Anna Rodriguez in Peppermint Soda (1996). Since 1992, he has been a performer for Man Drake/Toméo Vergès more particulary in La Logique du Parquet, Asphyxies, French Chicken and several performances.
A trip to New York led to his meeting Kirstie Simpson with whom he pursued work on contact improvisation. Together, they mounted several improvisational projects in France and elsewhere.
In parallel, he works as a teacher at dance schools and companies, and runs workshops at specialized centers (hospitals, community centers, etc.).

Sandrine Maisonneuve, Dancer
She received contemporary dance training at the CNR d'Avignon in Dance Studies, then at the CNSMD de Lyon (1990-1992). She performed with the companies Maryse Delente (1992), Denis Plassard (1992-1993), Andy Degroat (1993-1994), Christiane Blaise (1994-2001), Yann Lheureux (1999-2003), Abou Lagraa (2000-2005) and Emmanuel Grivet (2004-2005), with whom she participated in a piece on live real-time composition. She also collaborated on a Franco-Arab-Israeli project in Tel Aviv around an improvised, traveling performance by Mohamed Shafik and Laurence Rondoni (2005-2009) and was Guest Lecturer at the Studio Emad Eddin Dance Program (Cairo, Egypt) where she taught instantaneous composition. At the same time, she has been developing personal projects, with original pieces like, Solo pour deux in collaboration with pianist Myrissa Lai, (1998, co-produced by the Théâtre Saragosse à Pau), LE JE TU (2002, co-produced by the Assembly Dance Theater in Taipei, followed by a Taiwanese tour), as well as several improvised performances with musicians and artists
In 2011, she was commissioned by the National Music and Dance Conservatory of Lyon to choreograph a piece to be performed by the young people’s ballet at an event in Annonay.
She has collaborated with Toméo Vergès since 2005 on the creation of Body Time, Idiotas, meutres d’intérieur and numerous performance pieces.
Since 2005, she collaborated with Toméo Verges and participated in the creation of Body Time, Idiotas, meurtres d’intérieur and several performances

Sébastien Laurent, Dancer
He began dancing in 1991 while studying at the Physical Education Department of the University of Paris V (l’UFRAPS). His meeting with Joseph Nadj, who choreographed a piece for the students, was decisive. 
Over a 10-year period, he danced for Jean Pascal Gilly, Doug Elkins, Editta Braun, Jean François Duroure, Jean-Claude Gallotta, Evelyne Castelino, Laura Simi et Damiano Foa (Silenda Company), Christiane Blaise, Heddy Maalem, Gisèle Greau, Emmanuel Grivet, and Laurent Falguiéras. Since meeting Nathalie Pernette in 2000, he has always danced with her – participating in many of her new dance works, but also collaborating with her on a wide array of other projects (street performances, educational programs, photography).
In parallel, he choreographed three short pieces and has made forays into photography and video. He is personally invested in exploring the connections between the practice of dance and photography. For the last five years he has run workshops on this theme.
In 2009 he was awarded a studio residency at the National Dance Center (CCN) of Caen for his project Bestial, which combines dance, performance art, photography and video. This project has been the subject of several exhibitions. 

In 2011, he began new projects with the Clair Obscur company – for the development Hermself (Grand prix at the International competition of Les Bains Numériques at Enghien-Les-Bains) – and with Tomeo Vergés’ Man Drake Company.
It also acts as a performer (at the Palais de Tokyo with Tomeo Verges, road trip in France and abroad), began a research with the performer Malena Beer.

Julien Lacroix, Dancer
Performer, playwright and director.
As an actor, he works Laurence Mayor, Florence Giorgetti, Jacques Vincey, Patrick Haggiag, François Wastiaux, Robert Cantarella ...
He plays in three Lazare’s creations : Passé je ne sais où qui revient, Au Pied du Mur sans Porte et Rabah Robert (2012 Festival Mettre en scène au TNB – Rennes, T2G à Gennevilliers).
He is a member of De Quark’s collective whose La Fête + Bar de Spiro Scimone was played in l'Echangeur – Bagnolet and Festival Impatience (104 – Odéon) in 2012.
He dances in Tomeo Vergés’s last production Anatomia publica.
He performed with Tomeo Vergés (French Chicken au Palais de Tokyo), Robert Cantarella (au 104 pour la Nuit Blanche, Faire le Gilles à la Ménagerie de verre) and creates two performances En vacance au Musée des Abattoirs à Toulouse and lately La Fassbinderologie with the writer Alban Lefranc.
He regularly collaborates with Florence Giorgetti et Robert Cantarella, and lately with avec Yair Barelli (Cndc Angers).
He plays for movies directed by Nicolas Klotz, Renaud Cohen, Pierre Duculot, Eric Veniard.
He made his directorial debut at Théâtre de Vanves in 2010 with a Werner Schwab’ text : Excédent de poids; insignifiant : amorphe.

Christian Ubl, Dancer

Christian Ubl was born in Vienna (Austria) in 1972 and has lived in France for the past fourteen years.
He originally began as a professional figure skater and “Latin dancer” in Vienna. He had these two positions for ten years and won many competitions in these fields. Then he moved on to study contemporary dance in two different private schools (Vienna Dance Center and Mouve-on) for two years.
In 1996 he was accepted on a two-year-scholarship at the “Professional Training in contemporary dance – Cie Coline” in Istres, located in the south of France. He works there with several international and national choregraphers and professors and finish his studies at La Camionetta company (Fabrice Ramalingom and Hélène Cathala).
As a dancer and performer, Christian Ubl worked with many French choreographers :
Abou Lagraa, Robert Seyfried, Daniel Dobbels, Michel Kelemenis, Delphine Gaud, Christiane Blaise, Gilles Jobin, at the Centre Chorégraphique National in Tours which is run by Thomas Lebrun, les Carnets Bagouet, Cie Scalène,  David Wampach and Hélène Iratchet.  In Ireland, he took part to at the D.T.I Company based in Dublin in a choregraphic duette from Alex Iselie and  Marie-France Garcia. In Switzerland he danced with the LINGA dance company based in Lausanne.
In addition to his activity as a dance performer, Christian Ubl founded the CUBe association and manages since 2005/2006 all the new artistic projects : May you live in interesting times (2005), ersatZtrip (2006), Klap Klap (2008), I’m from Austria like Wolfi ! (2010), La Semeuse (2011), blackSoul & whiteSpace (2012), Shake it out (2014)
In 2009 he was invited to share a choreographic project called Fever initiated by MIKS at the Laban Center in London.
He continues to dance and collaborate with Thomas Lebrun, David Wampach and Tomeo Vergés.