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(newspaper excerpt)
May 28th 2011

The Main Thread

There is plenty of yarn to spin this story with. Snagged on a small sign in front of the Galeries Lafayette, it lay unspooled all the way down the sidewalk Wednesday. Its intense red stretched a good hundred meters in the direction of the Porte Noire (a send-up to Stendhal) and all the way to the windows of the Pharmacie Principale on the Grande-rue. Here, it stopped suddenly, severed, as though censured. Strange, don’t you think?
After conducting a prompt investigation, we are happy to bring the exclusive scoop (that goes without writing) on this still-unsolved mystery. Reliable eyewitnesses maintain that the scarlet thread came from a dress (necessarily of the same color), that unraveled under the feet of its owner. A ravishing young woman, according to our very seasoned eyewitnesses.

But, from that point on, opinions diverge. The cashier at the aforementioned pharmacy maintains that the length of yarn was pulled from the dress accidentally, perhaps after an unfortunate snagging incident.
But the salesladies at Antonelle, the woman’s clothing store across the street, beg to differ. They had a better view, the pharmacist sportingly admits, and are in the fashion biz to boot.

For the Antonelle staff there is no doubt, this was done on purpose. Either way, it was time for this artistic unraveling to cease – if only for the sake of public decency – for the woman wearing the dress had started to wear less and less of it. She then disappeared into the Boucle neighborhood without a trace. And to think we missed the whole thing and don’t have a single photo to publish! So much for boosting our readership. It just goes to show you that there is always something going on in front of the Galeries Lafayette.