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Pièce(s) détachée(s)

Pièces(s) détachée(s) - Graphisme ©Olivier Marboeuf - Photo ©Laurent Philippe
“ au commencement impossible quelques fragments de la fin. HIS-STORIES. mémoire du chaos. l'inquiétante étrangeté des obsessions fait basculer la machine vers le cercle vicieux. MAQUINAS. ouvrir de nouvelles fissures pour capturer le réel. répétition du même objet pour nous rapprocher du vertige de l'infini. mais je suis masqué...hélas ! GHOST TRIP. l'absence nous anéantira et l'absurde aussi. BASTA ! du champagne et un oeil attentif voilà ce qu'il nous faut.”
Toméo Vergès
In Pièces(s) détachée(s), there is no story but multiple fragments of story that crisscross and juxtapose themselves without merging. It is in the affirmation of these false links, in discontinuity and dissonance, that the piece takes shape. The inspired construction of cut up film takes the public in a continuous zigzag to make the link.
As the contradictions accumulate, the meaningless, the games false and true, the truth and the lie, a chaos appears at once organised and uncertain. It clears the question of the split inside us, of the doubt about our perception of what is given for us to see, of the sequence of representation or non representation.  Made up of very theatrical elements and of others more abstract, this piece is a zapping between humour and gravity in a delirious world of false appearances from poly-dimensional perspectives.