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Chair de Poule

Chair de poule - Graphisme ©Olivier Marboeuf - Photo ©Sophie Hatier









"An ordinary story between two couples. In a nutshell: A butcher and a magician, their wives, passion, jealousy and death. Aesthetics were all important in this creation comprising events taking place in parallel, without necessarily any link in time and space, punctuated with dreamlike and even surreal passages which momentarily arrest the turn of events in the story. All possibilities get blended: Reality and fiction, magic and crime, humour and absurdity, illusion and chicken! There is no story as such but it is enough to give us "la chair de poule". The best trick best performed by magicians considered as invincible when faced with death is that of a gunned-down survivor, more often known as the "invulnerable man". Curiously, this is one of the most dangerous of tricks (the bullets are real) and several magicians died while performing this trick".