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Asphyxies - Graphisme ©Olivier Marboeuf - Photo ©Daniel-Levy
Two portraits which are one and the same. Two broken profiles. It is all about explosion, fragments and obsession. Obsession which is part of the collage. The only thing which may help us in forgetting is time - and time itself is fragmented. There is no air in this bleeding room and moreover there is this goddamn dick.
Tomeo Vergés

Texts from Le Con d’Irène, Louis Aragon

"The 1997 solo La Logique du Parquet based on the life of Louis Aragon inspired me to further explore the subject in the form of a duo. In this way, whilst retaining the work done La Logique du Parquet, I introduced a theatrical dimension with extracts of Aragon's "Le Con d'Irène" into the existing sequences. Everything should go on as if there were two "selves" of the same multi-faceted character. Two "selves" in conflict with each other, chasing each other, reflections of each other and dream of each other without actually meeting.